ZOOM trial run

Hi !!

I thought I would do a trial run for those who are interested today at 1:00 pm. If you are available and want to do that please let me know. For today it will be all levels just to see if everyone can connect and how everyone feels using this app. I will start with official classes next week. We will work out a schedule and  hope I can accommodate what you need.

It appears that all I have to do is send out an e-mail at approx 1:00 pm with a link for the meeting I am hosting. I will be running the trial for about 30 minutes or so. Please show up as soon as you get the link so that we can work out the kinks promptly and maybe share a few exercise suggestions as well as maybe a do as step or two 🙂
Don’t be concerned if you do not have a large practice area, we can work with what you have. I will ask everyone to be in their bare feet so no floors will be ruined 🙂

Parents of younger or beginner level dancers, please join in and learn with your dancer. The more the merrier.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Videos are now available. Please check you e-mail

In light of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to reach out as I have been agonizing over which direction to go as to whether to suspend classes for two weeks or continue. I have been back and forth weighing the pros and cons. At the end of the day, the safety of our dance families is my highest priority and no matter how much I clean or try to keep everyone in a safe environment, I feel this is beyond me at this time.

With that said, I will be cancelling classes starting Monday March 16th. The studio will remain closed for two weeks. I hope at that time we will have a better grasp on what the situation is and whether or not our area is going to be safe to start back with group activities.
In the meantime, I am very hopeful that you and your dancers will use this time to continue working. I know two weeks can seem like a long time and I really hope to assist you in helping your dancer continue with their training.

Here are a few ideas I am offering:
For beginner youth dancers – if your dancer can not remember their steps from class and you do not have a video of the steps, please reach out to me and I will send you a video of the steps with break down so that you can show it to them to keep them practicing.

For all dancers – if you would like to video yourself or your dancer on the day you would normally have class(es) and send it to me, I will be more than happy to review and send comments as well as practicing suggestions. I will do everything in my power to help us weather this storm. Don’t forget – FITNESS IS KEY, please keep them exercising every day. Make dancing an important part of this but also include yoga or some form of stretching  as well as strength training for the older more advanced dancers. 

I appreciate your understanding and support thru this tough time and I really hope that everyone stays healthy and unaffected. You are all in my heart and my prayers !



2020 Performances – updated regulary

August 26 West End Fair 6:00 pm

Irish Dance Periodization: A 12 month Training Program

What is a Periodization?

A Periodization is a year long training program to progress the athletes’ performance in a systematic manner. This will allow the athlete to perform at their peak in time for their biggest competition, but will also take them out of competition season, without getting burnt out. Our program will be split into 4 cycles divided throughout the year:

1. Total Body Fun/Active Rest: December, January, and February

2. Muscular Endurance: March, April, May

3. Muscular Strength: June, July, August

4. Power: September, October, November


Total Body Fun/Active Rest

Total Body Fun/Active Rest:

After competing and training hard for and entire year, you want to really take the time off to rest and get back into a more relaxing workout routine. Do exercises you don’t typically do. Stay active, but keep things more light and enjoyable as to not burn out.

In this phase we will have 5 different workouts available:

  1. Total body #1
  2. Total body #2
  3. Core
  4. Conditioning
  5. Flexibility

Equipment needed: Resistance band

Total Body #1

12 reps each exercise

Repeat each circuit 4 times

Rest between each round

Round 1:

  • Push ups (inclined if needed)
  • Resistance band (RB) rows
  • RB overhead presses

Round 2:

  • 1 leg sit to stands
  • Reverse lunges
  • Elevated hip bridges

Round 3:

  • Sit ups
  • Bicycles
  • Leg lifts

Total body #2

Repeat each circuit 3x

  • 10/10 Plank ups
  • 10/10 Lateral lunges
  • 20/20 Russian twists


  • 20 RB face pulls
  • 10/10 Curtsy lunges
  • 40 Toe touches


  • 20 RB band presses
  • 10/10 Speed skaters
  • 20/20 Heel touches


30 seconds each exercise

30 seconds rest after each exercise

Repeat each exercise 5x

  • Low plank hold
  • High plank hold
  • Banana hold
  • Crunches
  • Boat pose
  • Six inch flutters
  • Starfish


1 minute each exercise

Repeat each circuit 3x

Little to no rest between rounds

2-3 minute rest between each new circuit

  • High knee run
  • Squat jumps
  • Bear crawls
  • Butt kickers
  • Jump lunges
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Roll ups
  • Shoulder taps
  • Running man
  • Speed skaters
  • Plank knee taps
  • Football quick feet
  • Ski hops
  • Hand circle walks


Hold each stretch for 30 seconds OR LONGER

Repeat each circuit 4 times

  • Seated forward fold
  • Legs wide forward fold
  • Butterfly fold
  • Hurdle stretch—right leg
  • Hurdle stretch—left leg
  • Fire log—right leg
  • Fire log—left leg
  • Standing forward fold
  • Wide leg fold—right leg
  • Wide leg fold—left leg
  • Dragon stretch—right leg
  • Dragon stretch—left leg
  • Bow pose
  • Quad pull—right leg
  • Quad pull—left leg
  • Down dog

Muscular Endurance Phase

Muscular Endurance Phase:

In this phase we will train the muscles to contract repeatedly with some light resistance and higher repetitions.
Equipment needed: 3 and/or 5lb dumbbells (DBs); agility ladder (optional)

In a week, complete 2 lifting days, 2 conditioning days, one freebie day (choose a workout from the previous phase) and one off day.
Example of Splits:

  1. Day 1: upper body and lower body
  2. Day 2: agility
  3. Day 3: Lower body and core work
  4. Day 4: Conditioning
  5. Day 5: off
  6. Day 6: Your choice (choose any workout from the past training phase)

Upper and lower body

20 reps for 4 sets.
Take a 30 second break between each set.
Then move on to the next exercise.

  • Seated squats (or regular squats if form is good)
  • Bent over rows (using DBs)
  • Low lunge pulses (20 reps each leg)
  • Reverse flys (DBs)
  • Everest mountain climbers
  • Negative push ups
  • Forward and backward lunges (f to b = 1 rep, only do 10 reps)
  • Fat cows (standard on knees =20 rounds. For a challenge do it in a high plank, only 10 rounds)

Lower body and core work

20 reps each circuit
4 sets

  • Running step ups (use a step or box at home)
  • Deadlifts (with DBs)
  • Wide leg sumo squats (with DBs)
  • 1 arm DB swings
  • Glute bridge on bench or chair
  • Walking lunges
  • Ski abs (up and back = 1 rep)
  • V-ups (10 reps)
  • Spiderman mountain climbers (20 total)


Use an agility ladder, make one using chalk outside, or simply use your imagination and perform each exercise with a rep count of 12.

Ladder suicide:
Start at the top of the ladder, sprint halfway down, touch the floor, then return to start. Once at the start, touch the ground, then sprint to the opposite end of the ladder, touch, and return as fast as you can back to the start.

  • Up, one, two (R. leg down, L. leg back) + ladder suicide
  • 7’s (R. down, L. back) + ladder suicide
  • 1 leg forward hops (R, then L) + ladder suicide
  • 1 leg lateral hops (R, then L) + ladder suicide
  • 1 leg backward hops (R, then L) + ladder suicide

2-3 min break, then repeat 3 more times.


Treadmill, outdoor run, or elliptical

  • Run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes
  • Run for 4, walk for 4
  • Run for 3, walk for 3
  • Run for 2, walk for 2
  • Run for 1, walk for 1

As your time gets shorter, your running speed should increase so that you are sprinting for your last 1 minute run.


Muscular Strength Phase

Muscular Strength Phase

In this phase we will focus on building our muscle mass with heavier loads and lower reps.

Equipment needed: 1-10lb dumbbell; 1-20lb dumbbell; and a yoga ball
*If your child is not old enough to lift weights, stick to bodyweight exercises, or use 3-5lb dumbbells and adjust each workout.

In a week, complete 2 lifting days, 2 conditioning days, one freebie day (choose a workout from a previous phase) and one off day.

Dumbbell reverse pyramid

Warm up: 30 bodyweight squats

  1. Goblet squats
    • 20lb weight, 10 reps, 30 sec rest, repeat 3x
    • 10lb weight, 15 reps, 30 sec rest, 3x
    • Bodyweight, 20 reps, 30 sec rest, 3x
  2. Deadlifts
    (same pattern as above)
  3. Kneeling stand ups
    • 20lb weight, 5 reps each leg, 30 sec rest, 3x
    • 10 lb weight, 8 reps, 30 sec rest, 3x
    • Bodyweight, 10 reps, 30 sec rest, 3x
  4. DB rows
    • 20 lbs, 5 reps, 30 sec rest, 3x
    • 10 lbs, 10 reps, 30 sec rest, 3x
    • 5 lb, 15 reps, 30 sec rest, 3x
  5. Abs: yoga ball ladder, one and done, rest as little as possible between each change in rep count
    • 20 reps regular crunches, 20 reps right side crunch, 20 reps left side crunch
    • 10 reps regular crunch, 10 reps right side, 10 reps left side
    • 5 reps regular crunch, 5 reps right side, 5 reps left side

Yoga ball strength

  1. Yoga ball wall squats (hold squat at bottom position for 2 secs)
    • 20 bodyweight squats, 1 minute rest
    • 15 reps, 10 lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 10 reps, 20 lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 10 reps, 20 lb weight, 1 minute rest
  2. Bodyweight yoga ball hamstring curls (hold position for 2 secs at top)
    • 12 reps, 4 sets, 30 sec rest between each set
  3. Split leg lunge (use yoga ball or chair)
    • 15 reps each leg, bodyweight, 1 minute rest
    • 12 reps each leg, 10lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 8 reps each leg, 20lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 8 reps each leg, 20lb weight, 1 minute rest
  4. Curtsy lunge to high knee hold
    • 15 reps each leg, bodyweight, 1 minute rest
    • 12 reps each leg, 10lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 10 reps each leg, 20 lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 10 reps each, 20lb weight, 1 minute rest
  5. One leg DB deadlift with yoga ball
    • 15 each leg, bodyweight, 1 minute rest
    • 12 each leg, 10lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 10 each leg, 20lb weight, 1 minute rest
    • 10 each leg, 20lb weight, 1 minute rest


Go down the list and complete each exercise for 1 minute. Repeat the list 3x.

  • yoga ball standing rows
  • yoga ball high plank—feet on ball
  • 1 leg standing balance with arms in dance position; 30 sec each leg (challenge: keeps eyes shut)
  • overhead turtle arms
  • seated in and out abs
  • 1 leg calf raises; 30 sec each leg
  • low plank arms on ball

Hill/incline sprints

Run up an incline for 30 secs, then walk for 1 minute. Repeat 10x


Power Phase

Power Phase

This is the phase where we put the muscles we have spent all year developing into good use and train them to be powerful and explosive.  This will result to higher and quicker lifts while dancing.

Equipment needed:  12-18” box—Box height depends on ability and comfort level.

In a week, complete all 4 workouts, and include one rest day and one freebie day.

Plyo box

1 minute on, 1 minute off, repeat each exercise 4x then move down the list.

  • Box jumps
  • Explosive step ups
  • Explosive side hops
  • Toe taps
  • 1 leg seated squat hops (30 seconds each leg)

1 Leg focus

16 reps each leg, 4 sets, 30 sec rest between sets

  • 1 leg deadlift to a high knee jump
  • speed skaters
  • 1 leg lunge to high knee jump
  • 1 leg “x” hops

Plyo conditioning

30 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Go through list, and then repeat 4x.

  • plyo jumping jacks
  • gorilla squat jumps
  • Burpees to the floor
  • pop squats
  • ski jumps in place
  • ski abs
  • tuck jumps
  • frog hops
  • weighted jumping jacks with 5lb weight


Jump rope

100 regular jumps, 100 jumps on right leg, 100 jumps on left leg
Repeat same pattern with: 75 reps, 50 reps, 25 reps