February 2nd

We certainly had quite the snow storm and I am sure everyone received a large amount of snow that you are having to deal with today. I am also figuring that a lot of side streets are still waiting to be plowed.

With that in mind I will ZOOM classes today.


5:30 BEG 4 & 5


Stay warm and stay safe.

Balancing Act: Snow Days and Being Snowed Under

25th Anniversary For Heather Sparks as an Irish Dance Teacher

It has been an incredible journey these last 25 years. I had no idea the journey I was embarking on when I took and passed the CLRG teaching exam 25 years ago. I have created so many incredible friendships and we have shared so many memories along the way. I am blessed to have been able to do what I love all of this time.

The surprise party was such an emotional event for me and I was overwhelmed with the responses and kind words. I could not believe that I was not only able to enjoy it with current students but I was also able to share it with former students. I was and still am overwhelmed with the outpouring of kindness shown to me . This wonderful video was put together and given to me at the event and I will cherish is always.

I look forward to what the future has to hold for all of us as we move forward towards new and exciting things in the future. HERE’S TO THE NEXT 25 YEARS !!