Hello Everyone,
I wanted to reach out as I have been agonizing over which direction to go as to whether to suspend classes for two weeks or continue. I have been back and forth weighing the pros and cons. At the end of the day, the safety of our dance families is my highest priority and no matter how much I clean or try to keep everyone in a safe environment, I feel this is beyond me at this time.

With that said, I will be cancelling classes starting Monday March 16th. The studio will remain closed for two weeks. I hope at that time we will have a better grasp on what the situation is and whether or not our area is going to be safe to start back with group activities.
In the meantime, I am very hopeful that you and your dancers will use this time to continue working. I know two weeks can seem like a long time and I really hope to assist you in helping your dancer continue with their training.

Here are a few ideas I am offering:
For beginner youth dancers – if your dancer can not remember their steps from class and you do not have a video of the steps, please reach out to me and I will send you a video of the steps with break down so that you can show it to them to keep them practicing.

For all dancers – if you would like to video yourself or your dancer on the day you would normally have class(es) and send it to me, I will be more than happy to review and send comments as well as practicing suggestions. I will do everything in my power to help us weather this storm. Don’t forget – FITNESS IS KEY, please keep them exercising every day. Make dancing an important part of this but also include yoga or some form of stretching  as well as strength training for the older more advanced dancers. 

I appreciate your understanding and support thru this tough time and I really hope that everyone stays healthy and unaffected. You are all in my heart and my prayers !