Muscular Endurance Phase:

In this phase we will train the muscles to contract repeatedly with some light resistance and higher repetitions.
Equipment needed: 3 and/or 5lb dumbbells (DBs); agility ladder (optional)

In a week, complete 2 lifting days, 2 conditioning days, one freebie day (choose a workout from the previous phase) and one off day.
Example of Splits:

  1. Day 1: upper body and lower body
  2. Day 2: agility
  3. Day 3: Lower body and core work
  4. Day 4: Conditioning
  5. Day 5: off
  6. Day 6: Your choice (choose any workout from the past training phase)

Upper and lower body

20 reps for 4 sets.
Take a 30 second break between each set.
Then move on to the next exercise.

  • Seated squats (or regular squats if form is good)
  • Bent over rows (using DBs)
  • Low lunge pulses (20 reps each leg)
  • Reverse flys (DBs)
  • Everest mountain climbers
  • Negative push ups
  • Forward and backward lunges (f to b = 1 rep, only do 10 reps)
  • Fat cows (standard on knees =20 rounds. For a challenge do it in a high plank, only 10 rounds)

Lower body and core work

20 reps each circuit
4 sets

  • Running step ups (use a step or box at home)
  • Deadlifts (with DBs)
  • Wide leg sumo squats (with DBs)
  • 1 arm DB swings
  • Glute bridge on bench or chair
  • Walking lunges
  • Ski abs (up and back = 1 rep)
  • V-ups (10 reps)
  • Spiderman mountain climbers (20 total)


Use an agility ladder, make one using chalk outside, or simply use your imagination and perform each exercise with a rep count of 12.

Ladder suicide:
Start at the top of the ladder, sprint halfway down, touch the floor, then return to start. Once at the start, touch the ground, then sprint to the opposite end of the ladder, touch, and return as fast as you can back to the start.

  • Up, one, two (R. leg down, L. leg back) + ladder suicide
  • 7’s (R. down, L. back) + ladder suicide
  • 1 leg forward hops (R, then L) + ladder suicide
  • 1 leg lateral hops (R, then L) + ladder suicide
  • 1 leg backward hops (R, then L) + ladder suicide

2-3 min break, then repeat 3 more times.


Treadmill, outdoor run, or elliptical

  • Run for 5 minutes, walk for 5 minutes
  • Run for 4, walk for 4
  • Run for 3, walk for 3
  • Run for 2, walk for 2
  • Run for 1, walk for 1

As your time gets shorter, your running speed should increase so that you are sprinting for your last 1 minute run.